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it proves out to be an effective tool as it creates two virtual desktops

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With the day by day advancement of technology, the speed of computers is increasing unbelievably. So, users can run many programs at the same time. But, they are restricted with the single desktop screen to work with which creates few problems for them. Screen-It proves out to be an effective tool as it provides or rather creates two virtual desktops. The working of Screen-It is very simple and easy to understand. After installation, Screen-It provides a small window which opens at the right hand-bottom corner of the screen. It provides user with two options of screen. User can choose any one of them and as per their need. The most important benefit of Screen-It is that by two distinct screens, users don’t have to see any more crowded task bar full of different programs. Moreover, they can switch between the screens and do the work conveniently. The installation of Screen-It is very simple and completes very rapidly. There is no overhead on the system of installing any hardware for the use of Screen-It. There is no difficult interface to use as there are only two buttons to be clicked to choose between screens.

Manoj Goel
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Review summary


  • Freeware software
  • Simple to use
  • Two virtual desktops
  • No hardware needed to be installed


  • Cannot run in Apple MAC
  • Users have to click the button to change the desktop
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